Mitakola Unleashed
An Airedale Photo Album

Mitakola Shaw Masters

March 25th1990 -- October 5th2000

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Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With that thought in mind I hope that the following pictures will express how much Mitakola meant to me and all of her other friends.

Her life was abruptly cut off by cancer and has left a deep hole in the hearts of all who laughed with her.

The pages of the photograph album are consecutively linked together, and below are the links to some of my personal favorite snapshots of the Airedale who will always be remembered as
"My Friend".

What Are An Airedale's Favorite Things?

Mitakola's Baby Pictures Dirty Dog Radio Active Pup
Mitakola & Harmelda the Cow Christmas 1991 The Elusive Airedalope
Christmas 1992 Licensed to speed! Radio Flyer
Newton's Law Welcome to Oakwood Hills 6 Hilltop Road
Christmas 1994 Leaving Illinois California: Sea Here
The new brother and sister Sunny Fun The basic differences:
Rock On Seventh Birthday All you need to know
Mug Shot Eighth Birthday Beach Babes
Feast of St. Francis, 1998 How to be Happy Lighter than Airedale
Honey let me be your Salty Dog The In Crowd Halloween 1999
Christmas 1999 LindaMar Vet Tenth Birthday
AIRe-dale PowerPup Pizza Delivery Time!
Twins? Pumpkin Princess Sunset

The background wallpaper on this page actually are her footprints in the sand.

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