Marty's Spring Strawberry Musical Adventure Proof Sheet

(Each photo is a link which will take you to a larger version of the photo.)

Welcome to Camp!
strawberrysign moon over them pines Karyn bails out
fiddling around
Amanda & Rachel lawn crowd
camp fun1 camp fun2 camp fun3
ladybugs1 ladybugs2 sleepy Rachel family1
playing1 playing2 playing3 willie randy
dancers V&R1 V&R2 V&R3
Wide angle shot
wide1 wide2 wide3 wide4 wide5
Theresa James
tj1 tj2 tj3 tj4 tj5 tj6 tj7
The Holmes Brothers
thb1 thb2
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
bbvd1 bbvd2 bbvd3 bbvd4 bbvd5 bbvd6 bbvd7 bbvd8 bbvd9 bbvd10 bbvd11 bbvd12 bbvd13
Kathy Kallick Band
kkb1 kkb3 kkb2 kkb4 kkb5
Toshi Reagon and Big Lovely
toshi1 toshi2 toshi3 toshi4
Blue Highway
bh1 bh2 bh3
Keb Mo Band
km1 km2 km3 km4 km5 km6 km7 km8 km9 km10 km11 km12 km13 km14 km15 km16 km17 km18 km19 km20 km21 km22 km23 km24
Toshi Reagon and Big Lovely Revival at Birch Lake
Soniadada Revival at Birch Lake
sd@thelake1 sd@thelake2 sd@thelake3 sd@thelake4
sd@thelake5 sd@thelake6
sd@thelake7 sd@thelake8 sd@thelake9
Alison Moorer Band
am1 am2 am3
The Mavericks
mav1 mav2 mav3 mav4 mav5 mav6
last night party light dancer teardown