Sean, Not Forgotten...
The Life of an Airedale

Blessings on thee, little man,
Bairefoot boy, with cheek of tan!

~ John Greenleaf Whittier

On April Fools Day of 2003, we announced
the adoption of eleven and a half pounds,
26 inches nose to tail of
Sean the 10 week old Airedale!

Pictures from the Breeder
Breeder's Pix
his first day with us.
his first day
The first week together.
The first week
2nd week together.
2nd week
3rd week together.
3rd week
4th week together.
4th week
@ The Beach and other photos
Sean's Pen and other photos

Sean's halo
Sean the Rockhopper @ Teh Game and on Airedale Ave
Sean & The Great Pumpkin
Sean @ 80 Pounds!
Sean @ SFSU.EDU and the first Christmas!

Playing with Steve & Milo
December 2004
What a big pup
November 2004
The Big Pumpkin and more!
October 2004
Summertime Sean Meets Milo
June 2004
Lady Jane Slomka's Tenth Birthday Party!
March 2004
February 2004
February 2004
Sean the Birthday Dog
January 2004

Thanksgiving thru Christmas
December 2005
Buggin' The Pumpkins
October 2005
Joe, playing in the field
August 2005
Isaac, Cattle, Bath and more
July 2005
Meeting Lucy, Digging Gophers, Car Ride
June 2005
A Post-Skunking mudbath!
May 2005
Jennifer Cat, Mary Clare, Dr. Cathy & Play
January 2005

Sean & Milo
November 2006
The Big Pumpkin
October 2006
Jungle Dog II
July 2006
Jungle Dog
May 2006
February 2006
The Third Birthday Boy
January 2006

Sean & Jennifer
December 2007
Sean & Eddie
November 2007
Sitting Pretty
October 2006
Fun with Big Al
July 2007
May 2007
The 4th Birthday Boy
January 2007

Sean, & Marble
December 2008
Sean, Taylog & Marble
November 2008
Blessing of the Beasts
October 2008
Sean & Marble
September 2008
Corkee, Elvis & Sean
August 2008
Down by The Reef
June 2008
Meeting Janet's Pups
May 2008
Fun with Milo
March 2008
The 5th Birthday Boy
January 2008

More Huge Pumpkins
November 2009
The Biggest Pumpkin in HMB
October 2009
Marble Comforts Sean
July 2009
Playing With Julio
June 2009
Live on The Aire-Dale
March 2009
Fun with Taylor
February 2009
The 6th Birthday Boy
January 2009

Christmas Pup
December 2010
Sean & Marble
November 2010
Pumpkins and Blessings
October 2010
Visiting The Vet
August 2010
Posing Pretty for Noah
July 2010
Sunset on Sierra
May 2010
Playing With Corky & Mike
April 2010
Hanging with Moose and Scott
March 2010
Sean And The Hummingbirds
February 2010
The 7th Birthday Boy
January 2010

The siren makes me howl!
December 2011
Gimmie a bite!
October 2011
New h.Aire cut
September 2011
Sean Loves Naked Ladies
August 2011
With Aunt Catherine
July 2011
Fun With Music
June 2011
The Graduate
May 2011
Sean's Proxy
April 2011
Sean And Marty
February 2011
The 8th Birthday Boy
January 2011

Getting ready for Santa
December 2012
Walkies, T-Rex & some colors
November 2012
Blessing of the Animals, Pumpkins and Hanging Out
October 2012
Hanging out, Carmel Dogwalk
September 2012
Coastside Fun
August 2012
July 4th and a dogwalk
July 2012
Vote Early and Often!
June 2012
Airedale Terrier Walk
May 2012
April 2012
Stanford Dogwalk!
March 2012
Happy New Year!
January 2012

Getting ready for Santa
December 2013
Thanksgiving with friends on the south coast
November 2013
Fall on the coast
October 2013
Mariposa, walkies, and friends
September 2013
Smelling the flowers, bath & Road Trip
August 2013
A fine summer day
June 2013
CATC Dogwalk at Alameda Beach
May 2013
Ten Years Together
April 2013
Walkies, Barkday & Party w/ Collin!
January 2013

December 2014

November 2014

October 2014
Dr. MC comes to town
September 2014
Auntie Okee & Undercover work
August 2014
Bath Time, Watertower Art & More Naked Ladies
July 2014
Post-Op Pix
June 2014

May 2014
Watertower Graffiti
April 2014
Gophers, Firetrucks, Walkies with Patrick & Flowers
March 2014
Happy Valentine's Day
February 2014
Smiles, Sebastian & The Street
January 2014

Sean & his Doppelganger
Sean has grown an octave!

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The background image on this page is Sean's footprints in the sand at Montara Beach.